Authorized Local Social Media Expert for Constant Contact &
Founder of Holistic Site Matchmyspirit Inc

Driven, dynamic and result oriented social media expert/speaker and holistic events organizer. Naini is a sought after speaker known for her informative and fun workshops conducted in New York City and other tri state locations. Naini organizes events for small business owners, social media enthusiasts, college students ready t graduate and face the business world and holistic experts.

Her workshops are all free and conducted in cool locations like Google New York !

Naini’s approach is refreshing and spiritual in nature. In all areas of coaching and training Naini combines social media, digital marketing with meditation ( which is her passion ! ) Naini LOVES bringing people together and helping small business entrepreneurs connect and network. Known for her compassionate way of working Naini is an active advocate for domestic violence victims volunteering with the Domestic Violence Committee in NYC and is on the board of The New York Women’s Agenda ( NYWA) .