AMAN NAKAGAWA, Associate Vice President, Central Access & Reporting at Institute for Community Living (ICL)

“Naini is in possession of tremendous energy which she is able to direct through her public presentations. She has the capacity to call forth the highest potential in each of us for building strategic and meaningful business relationships. Her workshops are charged with energy, inspiring and informative with the intent to encourage participants to take immediate action. She grounds her methods of relationship-building in social media so as to maximize the highest returns. In all of the presentations that I have attended, she is generous in sharing her knowledge and experience and offers the most practical guidance on how to get the best out of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Four Square and others and metrics that demonstrate operator and user impact. Most importantly, one comes away from Naini’s engaging workshops knowing quantitatively and qualitatively more than when they entered.”

TINA RUGGIERO, Advocate, Events Committee to END Violence Against Women & Children

“Naini is incredibly informative about social media, kept her audience engaged, and has a warmth inviting personality everyone gravitated to. Already trying to have her speak at another Dom.Violence event!”

 TOM SCHOLDER, Sr. Director Business Development at Shindig

“Naini is a creative, hardworking, spiritual and tech-savvy professional. Through partnering with Naini and attending her workshops, I have learned many valuable lessons about in-person and social networking. Working with Naini has always been a pleasure. She does business the right way.”

 CORDELL TURNER, Count Your Blessings, Blissful Travels, YTB

“Naini , is organized, efficient, extremely competent, and has an excellent rapport with people of all ages. Her communication skills, both written and verbal, are excellent. In summary, I highly recommend Naini for any position or endeavor that she may seek to pursue. She will be a valuable asset for any organization. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.”

 JEANIE TUNG, Director of Employment Services at Henry Street Settlement

“Naini has been consistently providing the jobseekers participating at Henry Street Settlement’s Workforce Development Center workshops on how to best utilize online social networking sites and networking generally to assist in individual job searches. She provides a wonderful service.”

 PETIA BRADSHAW, Marketing Consultant & Constant Contact Local Authorized Expert

“Naini and I are fellow members of the NY Metro Constant Contact Local Expert team. Naini is by far one of the top performing members of our team-she is passionate and dedicated to providing education to the small business community and as a result does an awesome job of doing so.”

 KATIE NGUYEN, New York City Paychex Payroll Consultant

“Naini is an influential social media expert within the holistic business community in NYC. She not only helps businesses with social media strategies, but is generous enough to offer free workshops to the community. Her workshops are innovative, interactive, and practical to the point that any business can walk away with beneficial insights on how to enhance their current online visibility. I highly recommend Naini as a social media guru, community leader, and a dear friend.”

 BARRY MILLER, Assistant Director New Employer Development and Market Trending at Pace University

“Naini is an expert on business development and networking. I have attended several of her presentations in public. She has great content and a high level of autheticity that connects to her audience. Based upon her performance, I have asked her to present at Pace University for the National Associate for Female Executives NY affiliate. I highly recommend her to speak at your organization.”

 RENE DAVID ALKALAY, Spiritual Preceptor at Genesis Tree of Life

“Naini is a wonderful motivator and has the capacity to draw the best out of each of us. Her groups are intelligent and informed and have been of great benefit to all who have attended them. She is a joy to work with and I am happy to recommend her as a professional who has consistently made valuable contributions to the lives of those she works with.”

 MEL FINNERTY, Founder Sacred Gatherings and Events at Sacred Gatherings and Events

“Knowing & working with Naini Nakagawa is always a delight and a privilege.. Naini’s way of connecting from the heart, sharing of her skills and information and gathering people together is pure brilliance. Naini creates a fun atmosphere for people to connect and learn, along with taking in useful information to expand and grow your business successfully. Naini’s command of the room when on stage is so natural and inspiring. Check out her resume! This Awe-inspiring woman is multitalented, gifted and works with a fully open compassionate heart… Thank you Naini for all that you bring to our world!”